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Corkscrew Peak: A Hike in the Hottest Place in the World

There isn't a trailhead, a parking lot or any comforting mileage marker near Corkscrew Peak—there is only a brown park service sign, an arrow pointing to the sky, and an unmaintained route that culminates at a barren, treeless, blackened crest. It looks like a spinning volcano.

Minerva's Moxie: A Blog About Health, Hiking & Happiness

Get weekly inspiration for living an authentic life. I've reinvented myself. After traveling for more than a decade and exploring the world, I'm applying what I've learned in the backcountry to the frontcountry, the place where people collide and engage with each other.

Holding Yourself in High Esteem: Stonewear Designs

I wasted 20 years of my life worrying about five pounds. It's embarrassing to admit it, but I know I'm not alone. Learn the three major life events that finally enabled me to overcome my obsession and move on to worthy work.

In the Trenches of California’s Water War: A Farmer, an Environmentalist and a Republican Envision the Future

The Delta is the heart of the state’s water resources. Most rivers flow into it, the ocean meets it, key species migrate in and out of it, 25 million people draw water from it, and a large portion of agriculture relies on it to irrigate crops. And now, Gov. Jerry Brown wants to forge ahead with a $23 billion plan to build two massive tunnels underneath or around the Delta. The differing perspectives of a Delta farmer, a seasoned environmentalist and a Republican supervisor show the complexities and contentiousness of what lies ahead.

Selenium & Salinity: The West Side Farming Debacle, High Stakes, High Costs

Salt build up on the west side of the Central Valley is threatening farming in the area, and selenium is still threatening the environmental conditions of the local wetlands, the San Joaquin River and the Bay-Delta. Solutions are complex and costs are high, but a few people are leading the way.

Water Conservation, Recycling and California’s Future

Water is being wasted in every sector of California’s economy, according to the Pacific Institute of Oakland, and conservation is the largest, least expensive and most environmentally sound source of new water. So why aren't we investing in it? 

The Public Trust Recommendations and the Delta: How Much Water is That?

The Delta is the largest estuary on the West Coast, but it's in critical condition; 33 species are endangered and likely to go extinct unless something changes. According to a State Water Resources Control Board Report, 13.7 to 14.6 million acre-feet of water needs to go back into the river system. That's roughly equivalent to six major Sierra Nevada rivers. 

God, the Earth and Ozone: Stockton's Diocese Pushes for Clean Air, Pairing Environmental Advocacy with Faith

A tall, brown-haired, soft-eyed woman sits back and laughs. On her office desk is a portrait of the Dalai Lama pasted next to Queen Elizabeth, and behind her desk hangs a green T-shirt that states, “Got Asthma?” It shows the lungs of a healthy child and the lungs of one in five children living in the San Joaquin Valley, one of the most polluted places in the country. 

Watch the associated photo essay:
God, the Earth and Ozone: Catholics Take on Climate Change – A Photo Essay


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