Deanna Lynn Wulff
Writer, Editor & Communications Consultant


I am a writer, an editor and, occasionally, a National Park Service ranger. I currently work as the director of Unite the Parks.

I've earned my living primarily as a writing and editing consultant, which has enabled me to travel the world and take interesting jobs in beautiful places, including Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks. 

My technical background, outdoor savvy and degrees in literature and journalism enable me to understand the real-world implications in complex policy. My stories and essays have been printed in the Sacramento BeeBilingual WeeklyOutdoor CaliforniaSierra Magazine and the Arizona Daily Sun. I've also worked as a technical writer and editor for Stanford University, AOL Time-Warner, Lockheed-Martin and McAfee. My recent awards include a New America Media fellowship, an Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources fellowship, a Stonewear Designs sponsorship and grants from the Ben & Jerry's Foundation and the Rose Foundation.

In 2013, I published The Girl's Guide to Getting Lost: Hard Hikes for Wild Women. The book details the best hikes in the most beautiful places in the Sierra Nevada and the Southwest. It won a Bronze Ippy Medal for best e-book in the Western Region. The book led me to focus my energy, intellect and outdoor experience on making a National Monument out of the federal land between Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks. 

It is my next big journey, and I have dedicated four years to it, thus far. I would be delighted to pass on the beauty of the Sierra Nevada and the gift of nature.